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Commercial Solutions

We understand the critical importance of producing efficient and practical solutions which meet the needs of architects, M&E specifiers, energy consultants, and commercial installers. Our energy efficient products and experience is invaluable in providing powerful and cost effective solutions.

Any commercial building regardless of its scale can take advantage of the unique features offered by Sweekaar Automation solutions.

For a commercial building of any type one of the key considerations in the implementation of an automation system is the cost savings that may be achieved.

In an average commercial building lighting and HVAC account for around 70% of the total energy consumption. This enormous percentage represents a vast amount of capital, as well as a large detrimental environmental impact.

If Sweekaar Automation solutions are used in a commercial building energy savings of at least 30% can be made. This would in due course result in substantially reduced operational costs, and enable a considerable reduction in the buildings environmental impact.
These savings can be made by Sweekar Automation systems through intelligent control of lighting, HVAC, and blinds/shutters. As an example:

If a particular area of a building is not in use then automatically the HVAC, and lights will deactivate.

If the internal temperature of a building is too low, the HVAC is activated automatically, and the blinds/shutters that face the sun are retracted.

A Sweekaar Automation solution requires minimal user interaction, to put it simply we make the building management process automatic.

When a system is automated is becomes efficient, effective, and faultless. If the system detects an abnormality, it can relay the information to the end-user instantaneously. This can be done via text message, email, or via an Android or iOS device which can control the entirety of the system.

Even though the concept behind a commercial automation solution is one of cost savings, the security solutions that can be implemented should not be overlooked.

Sweekaar Automation provides a range of sensor modules that can detect security breaches, and at the same time notify the relevant authorities. From glass break detectors and window sensors, to PIR and ultrasound sensors a Sweekaar Automation solution can provide a building with a total security solution.

Cultural Centres

Countless cultural centers across the globe have taken advantage of the solutions offered by Sweekaar. The main factor which led to the majority of the cultural centers adopting our systems was the energy savings that are possible for lighting, air-conditioning, and audio-visual installations. Exhibits can also take advantage of our automation products to create truly interactive environments based on movement detection and automation of audio, and illumination.

Car Showrooms

Large car showrooms need to utilize dynamic lighting in order to best present the cars on sale.

Sweekaar Automation systems, we are the clear choice for any type of showroom. The lighting channels enabled total illumination control.


Airports require a flexible and adaptable automation solution due not only to their size, but to the complex systems which need to be controlled.

Educational Institutions

Sweekaar's commercial automation solutions for schools, collages, and university’s. Both public and private sector institutions can be used our technology for superior environmental control, and added security.

Cultural Centres

We understand that places of worship hold a deep significance for those who are religious.

Because of this our dedicated installers will always respect the relevant traditions and practices when completing an installation.

Technology can enhance the atmosphere in such venues by controlling lighting, heating, environmental and AV systems. Control panels can be hidden from view, retaining the aesthetics of the building. The systems are easy to use and ultra reliable, all Sweekaar products and systems are designed to be used day after day, year after year.

Commercial Offices

The working environment is where many people spend the majority of their day. It is a proven fact that if the office environment is managed effectively, staff well-being and productivity levels will increase.

When a Sweekaar automation solution is installed in an office, intelligent automatic control of lighting, music, HVAC, and security is implemented, and energy savings of 30% can be accomplished.